Building a One Earth Community

ECOGENESIS awards scholarships to those interested in education, training and practice

  • of permaculture farming and gardening including water and waste management, composting, contouring, keyline design, etc
  • in wellness with the goal of living a healthy lifestyle in a healthy environment
  • in community organizing and community building
  • in leadership development
  • in stewardship (sound management) of the land
  • in ecology-conscious economy including marketing and eco-tourism
  • in mission and spirituality for the building of a One Earth Community

Funds small-scale projects of those in our target group: women and youth, indigenous people, churches & schools, and farmers.

Maintains a model “backyard” permaculture-designed garden and/or farm for demonstration purposes.

Conducts site visits for promotion and consultation.

Maintains a center for education and training in wellness and wholeness focusing on

  • alternative medicine (healing)
  • herbal gardening
  • medicinal gardening
  • meditation and mindfulness
  • other mental and spiritual exercises
  • healthy living and healthy diet specializing in plant-based diet

Conducts retreats, seminars and workshops of various themes and topics related to ecology and the environment; stewardship and the care of the Earth; spirituality and prayer; community organizing and community building; and, leadership training and development

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Arpin Group C copy

The ARPIN GROUP is the organization that helped fund the installation of our SOLAR ENERGY SYSTEM. For more information on their work, please visit their web site.

Arpin Group

The GLOBAL INSTITUTE FOR TRANSFORMATION (GIFT) helps establish and maintain organizations with similar goals. It has a world-wide scope and targets developing countries. It donated seed money to halp us start a sweet potato project. Visit their website.

Gift C

Interested in SOLAR ENERGY system? Visit SOLARIUS ENERGY web site. This is the company that installed our OFF-GRID SOLAR ENERGY system and SOLAR PUMP.


Lions Club


LIONS CLUB in  Spenard   (Anchorage, Alaska)

ROTARY CLUB                          Homer, Ketchikan, and Anchorage (Alaska)

Rotary Club copy

We made a 3-minute video clip about our work here at Ecogenesis Farm and Training Center. We sent it to the ROTARY  CLUB  in thanksgiving for their support. Since then, The LIONS CLUB of Spenard in Anchorage, Alaska has also donated funds for our project. Watch the video: A  LINK to a short video clip