Building a One Earth Community


The building of a One Earth Community is not an overnight project but a long and a labor-intensive work of relationship-building. We build one community at a time, one village at a time. This cannot happen without trust and trust happens over time. Change takes time. It involves personal conversion that gains momentum the more people get involved. This process moves from personal to social to ecological. Thus, the birth of an Eco-village. Its foundation is literally from the ground up with the realization that we relate to the land, to the environment, indeed to all of creation in the same way we relate to one another: with mutuality, with care and respect. The implication is that there is something sacred, something holy about this inter-relationship, this interconnectedness of all that exist. Thomas Berry once said "The universe is not a collection of objects but a communion of subjects.” This implies that the land is not dirt, not even just soil on which we grow things for human consumption. The Earth, the environment, is not a mindless matter but a living organism of which we are all a part: life nurturing life.

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Arpin Group C copy

The ARPIN GROUP is the organization that helped fund the installation of our SOLAR ENERGY SYSTEM. For more information on their work, please visit their web site.

Arpin Group

The GLOBAL INSTITUTE FOR TRANSFORMATION (GIFT) helps establish and maintain organizations with similar goals. It has a world-wide scope and targets developing countries. It donated seed money to halp us start a sweet potato project. Visit their website.

Gift C

Interested in SOLAR ENERGY system? Visit SOLARIUS ENERGY web site. This is the company that installed our OFF-GRID SOLAR ENERGY system and SOLAR PUMP.


Lions Club


LIONS CLUB in  Spenard   (Anchorage, Alaska)

ROTARY CLUB                          Homer, Ketchikan, and Anchorage (Alaska)

Rotary Club copy

We made a 3-minute video clip about our work here at Ecogenesis Farm and Training Center. We sent it to the ROTARY  CLUB  in thanksgiving for their support. Since then, The LIONS CLUB of Spenard in Anchorage, Alaska has also donated funds for our project. Watch the video: A  LINK to a short video clip